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Batik Warna Alam siPutri (siPutri Natural Dye Batik) We are ethical fashion industry, with a focus on producing natures dye batik (fabric and clothes), and accesories that use ecofriendly material and process.

Ethics | Ethically created with the collaboration of designers, sustainable dyes, environmentally friendly & natural, best hybrid supply chains, unique & bold pattern

Our Products are | Dresses, tops, outerwear, women scarves, etc.

Batik Warna Alam siPutri (siPutri Natural Dye Batik) belive that every fabric and clothing has a story waiting to be told. Batik Warna Alam siPutri (siPutri Natural Dye Batik) work closely with local mothers and local farmers to create fabric and clothing that are vibrant, bold, and uniquely patterned.


Preserve nature and Indonesiannational heritage (Batik)


  1. Using natural dyes and natural minerals to replace chemical or synthetic coloring materials.

  2. Empowering the surrounding community in order to educate the community to preserve nature and culture and improve the community’s economy.

  3. Fulfill the comunty’s need for environmentally friendly batik at an affordable price, using innovation and technology.

Meet our team

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Our advantages

Creativity at Work

Our Products are made by team who use them as a platform to express the unique of Batik from Indonesia.


We are looking to complete any work assignment wiht the highest effectiveness and strict quality control. Every single item is designed by our Design team and produced in our own factory.

Eco friendly

At each stage of our production process, we always keep in mind both environment and human safety. Whether it’s choosing a material or packaging for our products, we feel that all roads must support these goals.

Culture driven

Indonesia is packed with character. Whether it’s ancient symbols such as the wayang , people stories, natural beauty, etc. There’s never a dull visual moment. These are the scenes we embrace and try to recreate on our products so they can be shared with the world.
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